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Henry Galano, born 2000 is a British artist based in London. Galano's work seeks interrogate the boundaries of digital and physical space utilising technologies such as machine learning, FDM printing, virtual reality, and often crosses over into painting . Through these mediums the artist attempts to highlight science and technology as a contemporary form of myth and how this binds communities together.

Henry studied at Central Saint Martins and is currently completing his Bachelor of the Arts at The Slade School of Fine Art UCL. He was selected for and has recently returned 
from a six month exchange programme at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. Henry is also passionate towards the organisation and curation of artist-run shows and in 2022 coordinated the exhibitions FISH TANK, 2022 in London and PHASE, 2022 in Chicago.

Henry is a passionate believer in considering our relationship to new technologies and the environment. In 2018 he represented the UK in the Finals of the European Youth Debating Competition on the topic of 'Petrochemicals and Smart Technologies' after winning the British Competition.

To contact Henry fill out a form here or please email:


Photo: Andreas Tomoiaga

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