Collaboration with Saik Gonzalez and Adriana Roslin

About The Piece


In a modern world consumed by industrialisation, technology and the pandemic, it has become clear man must once again find harmony with the natural world. This piece through its maternal and naturalistic themes illumines a primordial state of existence, in which Joanne has a physical bond with the organic. The lilies burst from her stomach like an umbilical cord and connect with other flowers external to her body, symbolic of a mutually beneficial relationship between people and the planet.

Henry would like to thank Fraeulein, Saik Gonzlez and Adriana Roslin for this incredible opportunity to collaborate


Text From Magazine

Beauty, Power, Stamina: The Divine Woman


Photographer Adriana Roslin teamed up with stylist Saik Gonzalez to shoot the model Joanne Dion in the midst of her pregnancy. Beauty thus was born. Regardless of a woman’s decision to rear a child in this precarious time, we will always support a woman in her endeavors to birth creative ideas, stimulate inspiration from others, and to leave a lasting mark of beauty and provocation on the world.