Collaboration with Saik Gonzalez and Eva Losada


About The Piece


Leading on from Henry's Myth From The Mundane work - the artist was contacted to collaborate with Schon Magazine. Can it be argued through these collaborations a ritualistic process develops, which mirrors archaic forms of worship and therefore strengthens Galano's belief that art and design is a new form of myth. Even the title "Voyage", when combined with this futuristic body piece highlights the synthesis of contemporary and ancient orthodoxies.

Henry would like to thank Schon, Saik Gonzlez and Eva Losada for this incredible opportunity to collaborate.

Text From Feature

Eva Losada and Saik Gonzalez team up to create a multimedia exploration in this Schön! online editorial, placing model Mette Linturiin a fantastic planet of colour and animal life illustrated by Sebastian Schmidt. Styled by Gonzalez, Linturi wears pieces from Thom Browne, Acne Studios, Comme des Garçons, and others. Hair for the editorial is by Ryo Narushima, and make up is by Roro Cuenca