About The Piece


Henry was thrilled for this opportunity to collaborate with Sian, in which his work with holograms was integrated into her performance. A Particular highlight was the movement of the hologram fan being mapped into the gestures carried out by Sian Fan's body. It was fantastic to consider this network or spirit developing between artists and technology - binding us together and acting as a new form of myth. 

Henry would like to thank Sian Fan, Social Central London and all the other collaborators for this incredible opportunity.

Text by Social Central London

Social Convention is proud to present the premiere of a new short digital work by artist Sian Fan, commissioned by the Social Conventions LABS programme.  CHANNEL is a new piece created by Sian in collaboration with members of the public, who submitted audio and visual records of their experience of being online, including  video art, sonic art, phone screen grabs or even video gameplay. During her residency, Sian worked to montage together these submissions to form part a "digital skin" projected onto her body as she performs movement inspired by the submissions sent to her - which she describes as "precious little gifts".