Collaboration with Ally Lux and Christoph Langenberg

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About The Piece


Following the vision of creative director Ally Lux, photographer Christoph Langenberg captured model Dulcie Atkinson under several lights: she can be the fashion victim walking down the street with a fierce gaze and the romantic -vintage girl next door no less than the queen of the night. A dynamism recreated by stylist Ally Lux and assistant Kaycia Ainsworth’s exquisite work with different shapes and silhouettes. An oversize candy-pink pullover and a pair of Natacha Marro leather boots are the key ingredients to blend high fashion and street style. Ensembles enhanced by the bold and glittery makeup by Kimie Yashiro and the mix of loose and up hair by Marvin Grace.

Henry would like to thank Backlight, Ally Lux and Christoph Langenberg for this chance to collaborate.