Collaboration with Saik Gonzalez and Eva Losada


About The Piece


In this collaboration with LOVE MAGAZINE, Henry attempted to intermingle his fascination with the post-human condition into this shoot. Leading on from his previous work in Myth From The Mundane, the artist produced a bodily structure made from shower hoses and metal grates. The piece then attempted to act as a dystopian extension of the human form as it was modelled by Michael Moon. This reaffirmed Henry's fascination with creating contemporary mythical orthodoxies from the domestic and utilitarian. 

Henry would like to thank LOVE, Saik Gonzlez and Eva Losada for this incredible opportunity to showcase his work.

Text From Feature

"If 2020 has been good for anything, it's been for reflection and a revival of sorts. Or in other words, a rebirth. Having been confined to our homes and bedrooms following the global spread of a highly contagious and potentially deadly virus, this year has left many of us pondering what's actually important in life. What are the things we cherish? What do we find beautiful? What do wereally want to do with our lives if the choice was up to us?

This editorial, photographed by EVA LOSADA and styled by SAIK GONZALEZ, questions just that. Exploring the beautiful and decadent mess of 2020, the shoot represents the feeling of quarantine madness, the difficulties that many have faced this year, and the breaking down of systems we thought would protect us. 

This year has been confusing, harmful and awakening. But if anything, it's taught us that remaining the same is no longer an option. If the choice was up to you, would you go back to your normal life? Or would you make a change and work towards creating a better place for all?"